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2 new ones

That's right... it's Day 1 of Spring Break, and I have 2 pages to show off!

Week 10 of my Project 365

And my little cowgirl

What a great start to my break!!!

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those look great! Love when you make the photo the background. Cute!

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Okay those cowgirl pictures are just so cute. Great layouts.

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What a perfect way to spend springbreak in my opinion! Wink The cowgirl layout is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow! You're having a very productive spring break already! I also love the photo as background paper. You are doing awesome keeping up with P52!

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Yes, you reallly are doing great keeping up with that. Kudos to you! Love them both and yay for spring break!!

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Those look great! You almost make me wish I had done the scrapping part and not just the picture part of 365!

The second one is great. I love the big background picture!

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Enjoy your break! Cute LO's, love the hat!!!

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look at you go! I have yet to scrap ANY of my 365 pictures. Ugh. that's awesome that you got two pages done already. love the 365 page, and the cowgirl page is sweet.

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Woot! Yay for time off and being able to scrap Smile Love Scout's hat, that is so adorable!

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Okay so... I started off strong, but haven't done anything since! ROFL