2 new ones from me

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2 new ones from me

Hi all! I missed you this weekend when I was away, and now Kaitlyn is sick so I didn't get to catch up on the board much today (I was cuddling with her most of the day)... hopefully will be able to catch up a bit from work tomorrow ...

In the meantime, here are my 2 newest ...

Princess in training:

TFL! Smile

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Princess in training is absolutely wonderful! The journaling is sooo sweet! Great job on both!

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those are terrific! love the journaling in the first one, and the second one is so FUN!

I hope Kaitlyn feels better fast!

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Super cute as always! The super baby one is really fun!

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Those are fab Trina! Really great journaling in both of them (I need to journal more).

I hope Kaitlyn feels better soon!

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Love the first one the most, but they are both great Trina. I too hope she is better soon. Miss you around here. Smile

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We've missed you Trina! (and your gorgeous work!)

I love the notebook scrap on the first one and your journaling!

The second one is soooo cool!! I may try to re-create it in paper. I love every single element. And the angle of your photo is awesome too.

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great work! Biggrin

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I love them both great job!

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Very nice pages!!!

I really liked how you did the journaling down the side with the highlighted words, etc. It looks great.

The second page is fun!

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That first page is beautiful! And I love ths tars under the title on the second page.

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Cutie! I missed seeing your LOs! That's the REAL reason I came back over here. Wink

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Trina I love both pages! The journaling on the princess page is so sweet and I love the colors of the super baby lo too!

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These are both super sweet. I love how you take your journaling and make it all so personal and special. This will be something she will adore when she gets older.