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I was bored tonight as DH is working on his car so I decided to fool around with some Halloween pics of my niece and nephew. This is the result...

I made this one for my lil sis a couple of days ago. It wasn't the best pic to work with, but she wanted it. I think it may be a bit too simple and I've noticed that I have a lot of problems when it comes words/wording.

Again constructive criticism is welcome. Biggrin

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I think they both look great!! Super cute Biggrin

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they both are cute Smile

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I like them both, but I really like the sister page! Biggrin

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I would add something to the page of your sister. I mean, why did she want that picture? It means something to her, so maybe a journaling blurb about when it was taken and what she's doing. I love the colors you used and how you matted the picture. Wink And the Halloween layout is cute! Love the ghost you used.

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those are cute.. but I agree that maybe you should add a little blurb about the moment and why it was special to her...
but other then that they are really cute

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Thanks for the imput everyone! I'll definitely talk with my lil sis and add some journaling to the page. Smile

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that first is fantastic! I had a hard time deciding if it was paper or digital. Biggrin And I would just add some journaling like the others said to the second one, but it's cute too!

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I don't think the second one is too simple. It is really cute. They are both great.

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I think they are both great!!