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2 new pages

I've had a busy week - I haven't had time to share my new pages!

So without further ado!

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omg the 1st one..AMAZING. can i borrow your brain for just 1 day?? Biggrin i promise to give it back!

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

omg the 1st one..AMAZING. can i borrow your brain for just 1 day?? Biggrin i promise to give it back!

Ummm... as long as I'm still able to function without it - sure! lol

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Beautiful! I love love love the black and yellow of the first layout! Again, you are so creative and talented Trina!

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I wish I was good at doing LOs like yours. They are so beautiful and perfect yet very clean and not cluttered at all. I tend to overdo things sometimes. The black and white with yellow is amazing.

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I saw the first one on Bethany's blog and it was love at first sight! Smile

And I love the second one, too!

I think I want to borrow like 2% of everyone's brains on here to power my creativity!

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I too love the first one! The saying on it is just precious!!! The second one is really nice too!

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Wow Trina...that first one is just breathtaking! TFS your amazing work girl!!

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yep, LOVE that first one!!!!!!! Smile and the second one is a great capture of cousins together.

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I LOVE the quote on the first one. Beautiful! You really do have a knack for scrapping! Love all your color combos!

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They are adorable. Love the picture of her on the first one.

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I just love that 1st page. Simple yet just beautiful!

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That first one is gorgeous!

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:eek: LOVE the black, white, and yellow. I wouldn't have thought of that! Gorgeous!

The frames on the 2nd one are really cute.