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Glad I'm back on a roll again! Smile

June 2009 - Kaitlyn decided that this would make the perfect hat, and with a bit of help from mommy, got it fully on her head - but then wouldn’t take it off! What is it? The bloomers (underwear) to one of her pretty dresses. Silly girl!

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I love both of these. Really nice pages.

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I love the colors and flowers of the first one, and I love the ribbon and polka dots on the second one!

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Both are cute, I really like the 2nd one!

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That first one is my favorite of all yours yet. Absolutely stunning!

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Two more fab pages from you! The second one though P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
The elements and papers are so perfect for the pics. Great design too!

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terrific pages! I love the colors of the second one Biggrin

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Great pages. I really like that first page.

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i really like the second one - the colors especially! cute photos!

glad you found your mojo! Biggrin

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Wowzers!! That first one is just stunning and the second...gosh you are just so talented Trina! I'm glad you're back! Smile

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Yay for getting back in the groove!

Both pages are beautiful! You capture some of the best moments in your pages (with GREAT pictures, too!)

The second one -- I love the polka dot flowers and the slightly skewed papers and frames.

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love that you're on a roll!

Natalie was wearing her new soaker on her head today. Your second layout totally reminded me of that. What a cute page and great thing to remember. Smile

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Yay for being back at it, I love love love the colors of thsat first one, it is really pretty. The second is lovely as well, the hat made me laugh.