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The BEAUTIFUL letters look super-washed out on my desktop, but look okay on my laptop. :dontknow: This is Cadence last summer:

Shabby Princess - Spring Breeze (linked) -

And this was over the weekend! Who cares if there was more ice than snow?! Wink

Linked for credits - I only used the free add-on.

Snowman was from a diff kit...found here.

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they both look great. Love looking at summer page, pretty colors and pictures. Smile

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cute pages!! I love the middle photo on the first page! Adorable! great work Biggrin

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Cute colors on the top one, I could just pinch those cheeks!!!! Oh my what a cutie.

I love the papers/background on the 2nd one and they are even pink.

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I agree, that middle pic on the first layout is just too darn cute!!!! Both pages are greaT! I especially like the design of the second and the font you used for the journaling.

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they look great! i really like the fonts you used, and i like the paper on the 1st LO!

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oh my goodness!! That 1st page cannot get any cuter!!!

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Absolutely happy pages! I love the sledding picture, I had to laugh! What font did you use on that LO?

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Love them both, but the first one, the pics really draw you in. What an adorable headband, and your kiddos are beautiful. GREAT work!

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How cute, I love them both! I like that snowman, he is cute!

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oh, they look great! I love how you used the center picture in the first. I have that first kit, love it. and your snow day page is so cute, the bob sledding comment totally cracked me up!

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so cute! love all the birght happy colours in the first one

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Thanks, yall!

The fonts for the Snow Day layout were downloaded from this site:

The photo labeling/journaling is Pea Biggio and Snow Day is Pea Aimee.