2 new pages BIRTHday and brown eyed girl

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2 new pages BIRTHday and brown eyed girl

Sorry the pics are so bad. I took them with my old broken camera.
The first page is a lift from ck magazine, it will be for the baby that is why I have no pics yet. I don't know the sex but I am thinking girl so I hope I am right. On the flags my ribbon slid up so it is uneven have to fix that. I embossed velvet paper for the blue flads and made the elephant by hand from felt. The green paper is a soft metallic paper but it does not show up. I really like this page but feel like the top is missing something? Should I ink the edges in light pink???

As for the other lo I am kinda embarrassed to post it. It is so plain! I just got stuck so I called it a day lol.





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i think they are both great LO's the way that they are.
i just love the Happy "birth"day too cool!!

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I think the first one is adorable! Love the elephant.

The second is so pretty. I think the flower is just perfect. It's nice to not overwhelm the pictures. In this case, simple is beautiful.

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I absolutely LOVE the second one! I think simple on that one is good. Jazz is so beautiful that simple is good. You must be one proud momma!

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I love them both, but actually the second is my fave. I love how simple it is and think the flower is all it needs. Those pictures of her are stunning...she's so beautiful! The first one is so cute too. I love that elephant. Good for you for having a page done already. TFS

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I think that the 2nd page is perfect! I wouldn't change anything.

I LOVE that little elephant. He is adorable...great job!

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they are both awesome. really love the brown eyed girl one it makes the pictures be the focal point as they should be.... she is gorgeous

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I'm sooo impressed with your elephants!!! The ears on this is just too cute!! Smile I love love love both pages. And the second is not too simple at all!! It allows you to focus on the pictures. Jazz is just so pretty!

You are my title making hero. I have never seen a title on a page you've done that I'm not impressed with. Biggrin

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I love these! And I adore the second one too! Simple really works with those pics. She is stunning Biggrin Great pages ! How are you feeling?

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these are great! the second one is elegant...even though it seems simple to you, it doesn't look simple. just enough to make it look great!

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Tia! Love the BIRTHday layout, that elephant is the cutest!!!!! and your brown eyed girl page is fantastic, I don't know why you think it's so simple. I think it's perfect.