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2 page LO

Here are the only 2 pages I have completed in Joshuas 2nd year album, I mean besides his hand prints and foot prints pages..

The pictures arent that great but i did it without the flash so there would be no glare, and I think that he was atleast 15 months if not older before he got his first hair cut and I was still sad that he got it cut Sad
His first hair cut!

Hope you enjoy!

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wow, his hair was long wasn't it??? Looks like he was well behaved for his first time at that age. Smile I love the LO. Very cute! I never noticed till now that we have kids very close in age...mine will be 2 and 3 in October and November. Smile Fun times huh? Maybe we can cry on each other's shoulders. Smile Some days I think that's all that happens around here is crying. Lol Great LO..TFS

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Awww! So cute! I love the little bag with the hair saved in it. He does look like he behaved himself. Wink

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cute! love how you matched the paper color but used different actual paper.

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Very cute. I love seeing things like first haircuts scrapped.

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It was long, lol. But I was extremly reluctant to cut it. It was the last of his baby hood, and I was trying to hold onto that as long as possible. Smile

and grapes were key in getting him to sit still.

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Great page! And he looks like such a big boy now!

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I like how you used the sports paper on the second page, like he's more of a big boy now. that was cute! Such a handsome little guy you have there!

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Awwww! Great memory to scrap! Btw, my 2.5 year doesn't have that much hair still! LOL

I love that you were able to incorporate the little baggy of hair onto the page.

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wow, he had a lot of hair cut off! I like the colors you used, the pages look great! I put the hair on my pages too. Wink

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