and 2 pages

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and 2 pages

I used the Cricut for the titles in both but I can't remember which cartridge it was. :confused: I really need a Cricut...LOL

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Wow!! Love them both! Are those both on that kraft paper background or is that just something you set them on? Beautiful work, and he is soooo dang cute. TFS

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Very very cute!! Santa is very stylish! His outfit adds to your page!

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those are terrific! I love your little elf! and your probably right, the Santa picture will be more challenging next year ... and more so the year after that. Lol

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Wow!! Love them both! Are those both on that kraft paper background or is that just something you set them on? Beautiful work, and he is soooo dang cute. TFS

Yes, it's kraft paper. I tend to use that for *almost all of my layouts. I just love it so much. :rolleyes:

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Aww, just love the elf page. In fact, I'm really impressed with the coloring on it. I love the Ho Ho Ho on the first one. Great pages!

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Awesome work [as usual] from you!!! The polka dots are just too cute. I love the colors you used in the Elf page. You always put together the best color schemes somehow. The brown edging around the blue polka dot frame is great too. LOVE these.

Carrie, the Great Ashley is the one who started me on my love for all things Kraft. Lol

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The first one I thought was digital! I keep staring at it and still think it's digital. That's quite a compliment too btw.

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I missed something over here, Kraft? Like Kraft Macaroni and cheese? ROFL Now I'm singing the commercial!

I love the glittery HOHOHO! Your little man is adorable BTW!

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Precious! And I alwyas love your handwriting!!!!

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i love both LOs. Especially the little elf one though. Your new siggy is precious as well. He's so adorable. Great LOs and tfs.

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Oh my Ash, those are AWESOME! I love the title on the first one, and your colors blend all together so well. I love how you accented with pink it, and it still looks manly. You do such amazing work.

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Fabulous job! You make me want to do one page layouts. What did you use to shadow the background picture in the elf layout? Is it chalk? If it is, what do you use to apply the chalk?

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Absolutely fabulous pages!

I loves the pages and texture on the elf page. Your Santa was too cool, btw. He really adds to the page.


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awww!!! oh my goodness way too cute. great work!!:D

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So cute! That Santa pic is so adorable, and I love the elf lettering on the second one!