2 pages from scrap night-

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2 pages from scrap night-

I got to looking at the "Garth" page and it is NOT what I wanted it to look like. I had such a hard time b/c I didn't know what kind of embellisments to use. The journaling says- "I am in love with Garth as much as ever! We got a chance to see him in Kansas City, MO. It was another dream come true!
Here it is-

This one I AM pleased with. It is my 3rd Ruthie and Buck page in my yearly scrapbook, but she just adores that horse, so I can't help it! It looks crooked, but that's just the way I took the photo.

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Great layouts. Love the Ruthie and Buck page. So sweet.
For the Garth page maybe a guitar or some music notes would be nice to embellish the layout a bit. Just a thought.

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Terrific Sadie!! I heart the Sadie & Buck page!! Your daughter is sooo cute! Very nice!

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Oh the Ruthie page is Great! Nice work!

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I love them Sadie!! Especially the second one.
The paper and picture mats are beautiful!

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Ruthie looks so cute on Buck, I can see why you like to scrap it Smile

:) I like your Garth page.

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I think both pages look great. I love how Ruthie loves her Buck, too sweet!

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Great pages, I love the Ruthie page too. My favorite. Wink

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Those are both really cute - I love your Buck pages too Smile

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those are great

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SO cute!

I envy that you actually finished something at scrap night LOL I spent all of mine doing prep work on a chipboard album :rolleyes:

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Love the cowgirl page!!