2 peas question- paper scrappers

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2 peas question- paper scrappers

I need to know if I'm just annoyed over nothing. I had an order in my cart for about 5.00 worth of stuff (paper products). Shipping came to 5.00. I'm just so shocked that shipping is that much. Dumb thing is, they are literally right on my way from home to work, but they don't have a public store front, so I can't just pick it up there.

I guess my question is: do you think that seems high for a shipping charge (and it's being mailed maybe 10 miles to my house?) Has anyone experienced this?

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That does seem a bit high. I wouldn't want to pay that much if I lived less than 10 miles from the place.

Can you call them and tell them you drive by there all the time and if you would be able to pick it up?

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If you ordered paper then that is what you are paying for. The shipping is always high if I order paper cause the packaging needs to be large. That stinks though that you just can't pick it up.

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Thanks ladies! I did try it with a roll of ribbon too, and it still showed 5.00 for shipping. I'm guessing that they have a price scale for shipping that is standard regardless of location.

I did ask about picking up, but they don't do that.

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I live in Canada and when I tried ordering one tiny thing the shipping came to $20. LOL ...I declined Wink

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Yeah, most places do start shippping at 5.00. Sorry to hear that though. Sad

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yep, that's pretty standard. sucks, I've been there too. when I ordered my stuff from the kraft paper outlet, I think my shipping was more than my order! (it was crazy high, I would have been happy with $5)