2 pg LO - Space plus Cards/Misc.

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2 pg LO - Space plus Cards/Misc.

Not sure if I should add stuff other than scrapbooking in this forum as well.

I worked on this two-page spread tonight:

Made this from a Hobby Lobby kit:

Cards from some of the extra materials:

Mom to Morgan, Drew & Owen

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These are the voyages of the star ship enterprise! Dude you seriously need Jean Luc Picard on there! LOL. Those are awesome!

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Those pages are great! I wouldn't add anything else too them. I don't think they need it. Great job!

I love the cards too. Great colors.

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Andie, I love that space layout! and I love how you did the shadow thing on only one word, that totally made it pop. I'll have to remember that trick. Wink and the cards are fantastic, I wish I had your flair for cards. I hate half of the cards I make.

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Wow, how creative and beautiful!! I love the layouts, they are so cute. And the photo frame and cards are great! You can definitely post more than just layouts here! I know I could always use the extra inspiration. Biggrin

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Those are really, really good. I love the cards. You ladies make me want to try my hand at cards.

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those are great!!!! i REALLLY REALLLY love the last card... like sadie.. makes me consider trying to make cards!!! love that you show other things too.... Smile

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wow, thank you so much for posting those! I'm always stuck in a rut with my card ideas, and that gave me some great new ones. Smile And your LO is awesome! I'm a Star Trek fan ( :oops: ), so that was perfect. Wink

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These are SO cute! I love the picture frame. The space pages look great!

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Great sopace LO! I really like the colours in your cards too!

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those are great!

I love the hanging picture frames what a neat idea