2 pregnancy layouts

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2 pregnancy layouts

i haven't scrapped in forever. i think it's been about 4 months!! i went shopping for some new goodies yesterday to get my mojo back. i figure i need to do some pregnancy pages before i'm drowning in baby pictures! so...today i'm scrapping!!

these pictures were taken at 28 weeks:

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Those are wonderful Ashley. I'm glad you made some pregnancy pages, I did one and wished I had more!! So good for you for capturing those moments.

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Those are really beautiful.
I love how you used the heart in 'loved' in the first one and I really really like the colors in the second.
Makes me miss being pregnant....well, almost Wink

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Ashley those are beautiful. It almost makes me want to be pregnant again. ALMOST. Not quite.

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Ashley! Those are really great!!! That's awesome that you're capturing your pregnancy like this - i'm sure he/she will appreciate that you did. Now to only follow in your footsteps.. haha... Wink

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There you are!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

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AWWWWWWWW! The first one made me tear up. They're both lovely and it's really great that you are getting this special time documented.


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Those are both great, I really love the scalloped edge on the second one (and matching piece on the outside).

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those are just beautiful. I never did layouts like that (with the belly) and wish I had. I'm so excited for you, just a wonderful time right now with all of the moving around. It's like he/she is getting to know you already, ya know?

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Those are really amazing Ash. I really like the love with the button. Cute idea. I need to remember that! I really like the scalloped on the 2nd one too.

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wow those are fabulous Ash!!!

You are making me wish I had more pictures from when I was pg with ds....and making me want to have another one (all in due time)

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Ashley! Those are so precious they made me tear up too!!! You and your Bill are going to be the best parents to your little child. I love the lace in the first layout!!! As always, your work is fantastic. I'm so glad you were able to get a couple layouts done. I've missed seeing your work. LOL, you're right....soooon you'll be drowned in hundreds of baby pics. Wink

Oh and I love the button trail from the butterfly. Too cute.

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Ashley I love them! The first one gave me goosebumps. Beautiful pages and i love your handwriting.

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adorable! i love the buttons and the polka dots!! too cute!

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Great Pages and I love the pictures!