2 quick cards

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2 quick cards

SIL's bday is Saturday, and a patient of mine turns 1 this week. So, I threw these together quickly today...

For SIL:

(Thanks Charys for the inspiration with your technique of drawing lines/doodling with the white gel pen around the edges)

For my patient's 1st bday:

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cute! I love the lines and the kraft paper!

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cute cute!

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I love the white outline! The first card is simple elegance, totally classy!

The second one I really like the ribbon!

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Very cute and simple!

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LOVE them both Lauren. TFS

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Great cards Lauren!

I love the kraft paper and the white lines -- they go together really well.

And I love the first birthday one. It's cute with the little cupcake. Smile

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Very cute!

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love love love them

definitely putting them in my scraplift folder.

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great job!!

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I love, love, love SIL's card. It really stands out. Great job!

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those look great! I have the same ribbon that you used in the first one, and I really love how you put the flower on it. stealing that for a card one day. Smile