2 simple (but done) LOs

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2 simple (but done) LOs

Got these done today while DS was napping. They are super simple, but I am on a mission to get caught up a bit before this baby comes!

"Birthday" is from Tear Drop; "boys" was from Gypsy Wanderings (it originally said boy, I welded an S to it)

tried to make the e's get progressively farther apart...didn't turn out how I hoped, but I am okay with it. this is so out of my comfort zone b/c there is so much "white" space, but i need to remember to just STOP sometimes rather than crowding my LOs.

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Congrats on getting some done. I actually really like the weeee one...sometimes the ones we like the least everyone else really likes. Smile Great job and TFS Lauren. Smile

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add me to the fan of the Weeee page! love it! TFS

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I also think the Weeeee page looks great! I know what you mean about feeling that it has too much white space because I think the same thing whenver I try a page like that. But when I was looking at your layout I didn't think that at all!

Love the bday boy page! Good luck getting caught up before the baby arrives!

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that's awesome that you got the layouts done. I'm so far behind that it's making me crazy. Wink these are cute, really love the second one.

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Way to get some done. Love the Weeeee title, it is great!

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These are both great. I love the Weee page!