2 Valentine cards-

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2 Valentine cards-

Now I realize Ruthie's isn't valentiney looking, but I know she'll love it. I wanted it to be more for her, rather than just a valentine. She was all upset b/c we are giving a friend the monkey card I had made. Hopefully she'll like the princess card more. Hopefully.........

This one is Ruthie's-

This one is Randall's. I am really happy with how this one turned out. He loves simple things. He would rather have the simplest card, rather than one that took me hours. Lucky me huh? Biggrin

I was really happy to scrap something finally. I got some new cards and a new paper pack, so I have been itching to scrap. Now I just need to get some pics printed!

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Very pretty - I love how you didn't do a traditional one for Ruthie! Love the one for Randall, too - the shape is so cool!

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they're both great!!! Ruthie's card is right up Natalie's alley. Wink

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My 4 year old is in love with Ruthie's card.

I think they're wonderful, especially because they are designed specifically for the tastes of the recipients and not what the holiday dictates.

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I love the nontraditional card for Ruthie the colors are great!

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THey are both great Sadie. And I love your new siggy pic...what a doll! TFS

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those are so cute!

my hubby likes complicated cards that take me ages....but I think that's just so I'll be out of his hair for a while. Lol

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They are both fantastic!

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Randall's card rocks! Love the bracket and how you cut the edge to match the shape!! awesome! And Ruthie's is darling! Great work!

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i love the i heart you one!!
its so cool!