2 weeks LO

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2 weeks LO

Here's a simple one that I put together tonight. I stole the little papers with the "stamps" on it from some of y'all who do it in paper.

Thanks for looking! Smile

two weeks jpg

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very sweet! and I like how you stole the paper idea. Wink

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Very good Beth!

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very cute!!

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Very cute!

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awww. how adorable. Loving that background:D

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Very cool beth. I love your titling. I was actually going to do that with a layout soon. It looks so good on paper scrapping and now I know it looks good in digital too Smile

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My goodness,what a tiny little bundle. Smile I love it.

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very cute tfs

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Too cute - and I love how you did the title!

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that's really precious. I love the x's and o's!

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That's too cute! I love the XO paper, and the 2 weeks stamped look! Biggrin

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