2-year portraits (OT & XP)

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2-year portraits (OT & XP)

Hope you don't mind me sharing, but we had these taken this morning. The funny part (in hindsight) is that she was sobbing between the last half of pictures and yet you can barely tell. There is one picture with a cracker in it, when we were trying to bribe her.

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Andrea is just too cute for words! I love her outfits! Smile You're right...you can't tell she was crying! Love the cracker. Wink K had no intention of sitting or standing still during his two-year photos. We had such a tough time getting him to look at the camera, much less smile. And he's normally such a ham. :rolleyes:

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those came out so good! how did you even decide which ones to get? she really is adorable, and those outfits are the cutest. Wink

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She is so darn cute. I just love Andrea! Biggrin tfs!

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I am totally in love with her plaid dress and sweater! Sooo cute!

I love that she was barefoot in the pants/sweater outfit. My DD doesn't like shoes either and usually ends up showing off her piggy toes for pics, too.

Those are all adorable pictures! You really couldn't tell she was upset. Where did you get them done?

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Those are great! She looks so stinking grown up! Love her outfits. I feel guilty b/c I rarely do Ruthie's professionally. :confused:

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SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is getting so big!

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Those are really great, there are a few that would make an awesome Christmas card picture!!!

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awww..i could look at that adorable face all day. She's way too cute Biggrin great pics!

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Oh wow. So cute!!!!! I too love the bare feet.

"sadieruth" wrote:

Those are great! She looks so stinking grown up! Love her outfits. I feel guilty b/c I rarely do Ruthie's professionally. :confused:

My oldest is almost 6 and we've never had a professional picture done for them. Shoot, the only professional of hubby and me is from before we were married for a church directory. Not even our wedding had a professional. Doesn't mean we don't have great photos though. Smile

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I love the one of her laying down because it looks like she is cracking up rather than crying.

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those are so stinkin adorable!!

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Those are great!

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She is soooo adorable!