2010 Calendar (pic heavy)

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2010 Calendar (pic heavy)

My calendar is finished. Thought I would share. They have been ordered already.

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How cute!!!!

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August is particularly adorable and June too! but they all look great

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Those are so good! I love them all. I wish I had thought to do these for my mom and MIL!

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LOVE them all!! I could look at pictures of Andrea forever!! She needs to be modeling seriously!!!

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What Beautiful work. It is going to make one great present. Thanks so much for sharing. Amazing job.

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that calendar is awesome!!

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Those turned out great, what an amazing calander. I love love love October, that photo is my absolute favorite and you did a nice job with the lady bug theme.

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LOVE these! March, June, July, & Aug are my favs!

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oh, I love it! you did an awesome job on this! I really love the front (and July) page. She's grown so much, it's neat to see a year at once like this too.

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Those are awesome! I love the title/July the best (and October .. and September .... ok, I like the whole darn thing!). Reminds me I need to get on this!

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awesome job! they are all great, but I love april, may, and november the best Smile

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That turned out really great Stephanie!

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those are great!!! August is my fav!!! but they are all awesome!!! im sure all the recipients will love them to bits!!

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terrific Biggrin My faves are August and September Biggrin

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Thanks everyone. It is neat to see which ones people like. I definately have my favorite pages and then there are a couple I'm not that happy with, but overall I'm happy with this year's calendar. I've been doing these each year since she was born and getting better at it.