2nd Month LO

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2nd Month LO

The tag letters on the bottom say Month.


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Thats cute!! Great job!

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That's really cute! I love the last pic. Smile

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That is super cute - I love the pic with the sunglasses!

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That last pic is priceless! What a great lo....thanks for sharing!

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How cute! Biggrin

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so cute! i love it! that last pic cracks me up Biggrin

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Very cute!

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AWWWWW! How precious!!!!

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Nice job lady! Biggrin

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Brandie - that is so sweet! Love it!

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nice work! and I love the picture on the bottom too cute!

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Precious and I love your handwriting. I wish mine was that pretty.

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

Precious and I love your handwriting. I wish mine was that pretty.

Thanks! And I'm glad ya'll enjoyed! hehe. That bottom pic is one of my top fave pics I've taken of DD so far. She had really just learned how to smile and giggle then, and turned into even more of a ham.

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awwwww...so cute! love her shades!

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It came out great. It is a busy page and I like that about it. Way to go.

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