3 more LO's!!

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3 more LO's!!

i bought 2 new kits from Scrap Orchid and just HAD to use them right now!!! Aprils mega kit: April Showers and Marchs mega kit: Fly a Kite.

my new fav!

these pics are from TODAY!!

and this is my cousins daughter Haleigh (shes in the one above as well... and some others ive done). The wording on the LO is a convo we had the other day!

Thanks for lookin Biggrin

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Awww too cute! Love the last one... can relate with my own Hailey, haha! Love your pics!

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love the bright colors on the first, the "PLAY" spelled out in beads on the second...and that last one is too funny!

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Great stuff Beckie! Love how you scrapped photos the day you took them. I've NEVER done that and don't see myself doing it anytime soon. Smile They are all great, but I too love that first one. Great colors.

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