3 new LO's!

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3 new LO's!

well finally took some time to work on more of X's book....

i started this page the other night but then got frustrated because i couldnt find any embellishments that i had that looked good with it. so i did some searching for free stuff and came up with this tonight.

still not too sure about this one. i worked on it for over an hour trying to find something that went well with the picture. (first time i caught a smile on camera)

not sure if i like this LO with the little peeks of polka-dots


to tell you the truth i had it a way i loved it then when i saved it it changed. i cant remember how it was exactly so im stuck with either one of these....

lol TIA ladies!

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I love them! I like the polka dots!

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Those are great Beckie!

I really like the second one! The cut out is perfect with the simple and bold embellishment.

And I like version two of your last one. I like the extra bubbles. Smile

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That first one is sooo precious! I love it! I like the polka dots. I think you did a good job with them! My DH hates polka dots in general, so maybe that's why I like them so much! Lol

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Those are great! i love that bath one how the photos are laid right next to eachother...must remember to try that in my paper scrapping this weekend Biggrin

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Love the daisy on the second one, and I prefer the first of the 2 bath ones, I like just the peek-a-boo polka dots.