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3 new LOs

I am on the Cricut messageboard and I joined the monthly challenge for July. My personal goals were to print 8 months worth of digital pics and put them all away into photo albums. (I am concentrating on getting all my pics in order in albums before worrying about scrapping them, that's why I'm doing the professional pics for now) I did print 8 months of pics and got about 7.5 months put away before I ran out of album space so I had to run to the store and get a new album today.

I also set a goal of scrapping 15 professional pic LOs and I completed 3 of them.

I don't know why the 2002 is crooked looking, it is too closely spaced near the bottom but it was too late to fix it.

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I really like the torn-edged corner on the first one! And I wouldn't have noticed the numbers were crooked until you said something. It's so cute. You matched the paper to her dress so perfectly in the second and third layouts too. Wow! TFS!

And great job getting all those pics in albums!!! I have YET to do a single family album of us. :eek: I've got stacks and stacks of photos.

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Amy those are really great! The 13 month lo is my fav! Such a cute pic!

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You are very motivated, that's great! Good LOs! TFS

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Those are great!

I love the 13 month one especially! There is something about bright orange in scrapbooking that I really love. My favorite LO I have done is my nephew's 6 month one and it has that same bright orange!

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Thank you all for the sweet comments.

I was at my friend's until almost 2 a.m. last night and when I got home I finished putting all the pics in the album, I just cannot stop since I'm on a good roll. When I started organizing my pics in Feb or March I only had pics up til Dec 2001 in albums and had no idea where all the others were since they were all over in different locations. I got them all together, separated by year taken, and then separated by month/year taken. I bought photo storage boxes and finally organized all the pics in order with tabs separating each month of that year. It took a long time but I was so happy to have it done when I finished. Now I am obsessed with getting all those pics in albums and printing all the digital pics so my kids can actually look at books of their baby pictures.

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Great pages and glad to hear you have a plan. I need to get a plan, I just bounce all over! What ever strikes me at the moment is what I scrap. LOL