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3 new LOs

Hi all! I almost feel like a lurker lately. Sad I can't wait for school to slow down at the beginning of May so I will have more time here! Love you all and I am lurking (even if I don't always have time to comment)

Project 365 Week 12

Project 365 Week 13

For Ginger Scraps Survivor Safari Challenge

I've got to get my second LO for the GS challenge finished tomorrow. Smile

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OMG!!! That pic of her and the bunny is so great!! That looks like Trina's that she posted earlier this week...LOVE it!! Your P365s are great, love reading what's going on in each picture. Great job! LOVE your LO too, those animals are adorable. And the storey behind the title is awesome! TFS

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oh girl I LOVE that safari one! Biggrin (is the bottom supposed to say "can't" wait to take them again though?) ...fantastic page! And I love looking at all your photos in your weekly pages Smile

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your siggy picture is hilarious!!!

love your project 365 layouts - great captures of your life. Wink and I love that Scout is saying "oh wow", fun!

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I love the animals on that last LO.
I am really loving all the 365 pages. I really should try that;)

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I have sure enjoyed your P365 pages. They are a glimpse into your lives and you do so well capturing everything. the zoo page is great!

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Your 365 pages rock! You make me wish I had have scrapped mine from last year. Love your zoo page too. The elements are so cute!