3 new ones!

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3 new ones!

I got some more scrapping time in! :boogie:

Here are my new ones!

Back when we were dating.

Her actual b-day. Just the two of us went to the park. Randall had to work. I know it's simple. Underneath the photos, I used a rub-on that you can see IRL. It says- "Sweetheart something cherished for its fine qualities and often considered one of a kind."

BATTER! My fav out of all 3.

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Great job Sadie!!

1. I think you two are seriously like the cutest couple ever! I think it's great that you were highschool sweethearts and you can see so much love in this page.

2. Love the way you swirled the top element with the photos and I love that pic of you and Sadie! I am putting this in my lift folder, because I just think that's a great way to scrap a park page!

3. My fave too! Everything about it is great! Is that ribbon or lace you used? And the title is just perfect!

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I'm with Charys on all of the above. She just said it first!!! I love how you did that park page, and the pictures are terrific - love her flying down the slide like that! And the batter page rocks!

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They all look great! The one of you guys dating is just so sweet, and I love the pics from the park and i love the title letters on the last one. Awesome job! Smile

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You've got some great ideas. Love the swirl and the park pics are awesome. How many fonts did you have to use for the title? Was it a kit or the Cricut? It looks fantastic.

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you guys are a really cute couple! I love how long you have been together. I also agree with everything Charys said. I really like the 3rd lo, I like how the whole thing is set up, and how you did the title.

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[quote=MinaAriel]How many fonts did you have to use for the title? Was it a kit or the Cricut? /quote]

The title (licking the) was from alpha stickers. I used 2 different kinds....didn't have enough of one! Lol The words "batter" was from some alpha punch outs from Wal-Mart.

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Great job! Aren't old pics so fun?!?! My MIL found an old pic (I think when Russ and I started seeing each other) OMfreakin'G! I could not stop laughing, it was hilarious! We looked like kids (we were in our early 20's). LOL

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Beautiful pages!!! Biggrin

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great job!

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Awww! I love them. You two are just so cute. I love the pictures of you both in that first one. The two of your adorable DD are so sweet. The cake batter is precious and fun.