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3 new ones

all of these are from my sister's graduation last may...

simple but done, haha

the memorial for the April 16th shootings at VA tech. again, very simple, but I didn't want to make it look too busy. I tried to add "4-16" in white letters to the black cardstock, but it was too "loud" compared to the rest of the LO, so I took it off and left it very plain

and our dinner out...

the journaling is in sparkly gel pen so you cant see it, and i forget exactly what it says...but the gist of it is that the private room we ate in was an old caboose car that was attached to the main building of the restaurant. Nathan (who loves trains) didn't realize we were eating IN the caboose he had seen on our way in until we took him outside to have him look in the window at everyone else eating dinner. My dad looked out the window at him and said "we're eating IN the choo choo" Nathan got super excited once he knew we were eating inside the "choo choo" (the pic is of him in the caboose looking out, even though the story is about how he went out to look in, but it was a cute pic!)

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I love the embossing on the 1st one and the sparkly pen on the third. You gave me an idea to outline my journaling lines with my stickles! For the 2nd page I think if you just used a mat for the 4x6 it would fill in the space a bit. Do you have like a cream so it is still soft?

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i do have a creamish color (I think the same paper I used for the title on the last one)...i might have to try that! thanks Smile

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Great LOs Lauren. I love the memorial one the most, though they are all really good. The font on that memorial one couldn't be more perfect. TFS

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Yeah, the font is perfect! I really like the first one though. The pics just pop! TFS!

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these are great! i love the graduation cap on the first one, that is awesome!

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Very good. Love the ribbon and flower on the last one. Looks perfect.

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I really like the memorial one, too!

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