35 Weeks

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35 Weeks

I saw a LO similar to this and just had to scraplift it cuz it hit so close to home for me but didn't exactly know how to define it the way I wanted to without going into so much detail until I saw that LO. After all the tribulations and triumphs of making it to 35 weeks, everything suddenly went to pot. These pics were taken right before they were born as I had an emergency csection decided that day as they found out my liver was in jeopardy of blowing up after me googling , my itching symptoms and them finally running tests when I questioned them with what I found on the net. Learning lesson? Don't always assume your doctor knows what's going on with your body and do your own research.

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What a sweet layout. Great job.

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So sweet, and so glad you knew your body better than any doctor! Kudos to you!

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Tracey, this is awesome. I really love your style, just so cool! the quote on the belly is a neat idea, I totally dig it! (and that was one of the quotes I recited often back in AFROTC training in college).

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What a nice page!! Well done!

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Wow!!! What an amazing page and so much emotion too! Great job and TFS!

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Wow! That is a great page!

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Fantastic page!!! This is such a special layout.

Your kids are gonna love having these pages!

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Thanks guys! I was just reflecting... it was actually quotes that had gotten me completely hooked on the passion to scrapbook. I wanted to have pictures of my kids' life and the quotes that I found to be important wrapped together to reflect my hopes and dreams for my kids so that one day they could look back and hopefully "get" who I was as a person outside of just being their mom. I think it's that drive that keeps me reeling with the urgency to scrap my favorite pics of each of them and why without having to be wordy, which is how I tend to be as you can now tell, haha! Thank you guys for inspiring me again! You have no idea the impact you've had on me. Smile

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