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4 new LOs

Here are some new LOs I made semi-recently, haha.
This one I made right after the virtual crop. I tried to do Bingo with it, but I was lacking one item that I couldn't fit:

I did this one with Trina's wordart that Bethany did for her.I am torn on this one, and I feel like something is missing at the top in between the tag and the wordart. Thoughts? I thought maybe a shape to match the others in the LO (a blue star or something)?:

These next two I did today.

This one is from Fathers Day and it says "the only thing you should ever steal from a baby is a...KISS":

The last one is from vacation this summer at the beach:

Thanks for looking Smile

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Those are great. I LOVE the kiss one. As for the 'illegal to be cute' one ... first of all, great pics, second, I would make the word art bigger and move it over to the left just a little bit.

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LOVE the Kiss LO! How cute! I think the stars and the buttons are adorable on the illegal LO. I agree with the pp about rearranging it. I think you did a good job!

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I love love love all these lo's.

Great work

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I too LOVE the Father's Day layout! It's so sweet!! ahhhhhh
And the ribbon on top of the journaling tag on the Surfer layout is great!

TFS all of them....they are nice!

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Nice lo's!!:D Love the "illegal" one but they are all great...and I totally like your idea to put a star in that blank space

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Ooo! The kiss one is my fave too! Just too cute! They are all good!

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TFS. As for the cute page what about another pic? You could use a 4x6 to offset the circle pics. Just a thought. Great job!

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You've gotten great advice so far. I too think they are all very good and very creative. TFS

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tooooo cute!! TFS!!!!!!

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Awww, those are so cute! I love the little surfer one.

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I love all of them! I don't think the one needs anything else