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4 new pages

Ive been dabbling here and there while Zylin is watching his "shows" and while DH has been gone at night. Ive finished 4 pages. Im really proud of the tiger one! It dawned on me that I could fill up the empty space with cut out tiger stripes with my scraps of brown paper I used for the matting! Dirol I though I was so cool LOL!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! The way you used three different photos on each of the see saw groups is awesome! And how you used the tiger "stripes" of paper. Sooo creative! Love all of them!

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you ARE cool!!! Smile love the slide one too!! Smile

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Oh yeah! I love those tiger stripes!!

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"babyJtime" wrote:

you ARE cool!!! Smile love the slide one too!! Smile

Thank you, Thank you! I'll sign autographs later ROFL

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I am waiting in line. Those are some GREAT pages. I LOVE the tiger stripes. That is an awesome idea!

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Great pages! I too love those tiger stripes. Smile Great work!

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Wow, those are all so creative and adorable! I love them. I especially love the pictures of him jumping on the trampoline. Too cute.

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So cute! You should be proud of the tiger one, it turned out great! The others are wonderful as well. I like the playground paper.

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they came out great! Zylin looks like he has a lot of fun. Wink and great idea for using the paper scraps like that, I'll have to remember that one!

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OMG Cat Tales!!! I am from Spokane, WA but have lived in Nebraska since I was 18. I loved Cat Tales! I wish I could take my kids!
Those pages are awesome - I LOVE that paper with the slide on the top page. Those turned out great!