4th of July card

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4th of July card

So I wanted to make up some really easy cards for the 4th. Last night I came up with this and really liked it.

I just did a little bit of stitching at the bottom, attaching 3 buttons and a star cut with the Cricut.

Sarah (my sis) sent me a box of card making goodies yesterday. It was like a mini-Christmas celebration around here! She had bought lots of stamps, ribbon and cards that she never used from like 4 years ago, so she gave it all to me. Yahoo Anyways, as a thank you to her, I made her a dozen thank you notes that she wanted.

Sorry all these are so yellow. DH was playing with the settings on my camera and I'm too dumb to figure out how to change them back. They look so much better IRL.
First I made her these pink and blue ones:

But they looked like baby shower thank you notes, so I redid them all to simple white cards:

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Awww, that is awesome that she shared all of that stuff with you. What fun it must have been to go through it all!

I love the cards. The simple 4th of July one turned out great!

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great work as usual! Biggrin

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Those are great!!

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That was so nice of her to give you all that stuff! And you are rockin the cards, They all look GREAT! I love the July 4th one! BTW I love your siggie, Kayson looks adorable! Smile

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LOVE the 4th card! I wanted to make some, but I never got around to it. I might just have to steal that idea b/c I do have to make my niece a b-day card, and her b-day party is tomorrow! Wink

What a sweet sister you have. Mine just gave me tons of goodies too! We are so blessed!

I don't think the pink and blue ones look like baby shower thank yous. I really like the white ones though. So simple and elegant! TFS!

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Love them all! I think Sarah will love them, too!

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I swear, you have the cutest stamps that I have ever saw! Where did you get them?

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those are great Smile

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you really make such awesome cards, Charys, I'm jealous. Wink

as far as the camera, it's your white balance that's off. you need to change it to auto from whatever he has it set to ...

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I love it! Biggrin It looks awesome! Have you ever thought of selling your cards like Sadie is??