5 new LOs and a clock

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5 new LOs and a clock

Here are the LOs I did yesterday and today. Most of them are pretty simple, but I need to get caught up and didn't feel like getting super in depth with them...

Very last beach LO finally...

Journaling: Anytime mommy would lie down on her belly, Nathan took that as an invitation to climb on for a ride. This day at teh beach, mommy was tired and just wanted to rest. Nathan had other plans"

"Rock out" (DH trying to get Nathan to make horns with his fingers, but all Nathan can do is a peace sign/2 fingers up thing)

This was just a sheet from DCWV stack 6. I added glitter, glitter to the letters "Rock Out" and the musical notes are from a punch I have. The glitter at the top is the date 10/21/09

"our little pup" from halloween 09

again, paper from DCWV stack 6...the squares are from another sheet of paper in that stack. I just cut out individual squares that I wanted and used them to spice up the background paper.

"the colors of fall"

journaling: "we waited until the last minute to carve pumpkins this year. Nathan colored while Mommy carved...finishing 30 minutes before Trick-or-treat started" This one is kinda blah to me, but it is done :shrug:

"treats only please"

journaling: "Nathan had just gotten over a stomach bug, so he wasn't too happy initially in his costume. He walked to two neighbors but mostly liked to steal the candy that Daddy was handing out"

and the clock I did, between last night and today...unfortunately, I think the hands are beyond help. After assembling it, it went okay for about 5 or so minutes, then the second hand got hung up on the minute hand. Any tips from those of you who have done this before? If I can't get it to work, I will buy another and use the same face I already made.

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wow you have been busy!! Nice work! I like them all, I think my favorite is the giddy up one. SO cute. I like the clock too. I have been thinking of doing a clock for my grandmas birthday.

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Oh so sweet! I love the "Our Lil Pup" the best. The page coordinates with the pics perfectly!

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Those are fantastic!! You have some really excellent papers and elements. I love the blue and brown colors together on the first one. And the 'Our little Pup' one is just perfect!

Great clock too. So pretty!!

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Wow Lauren!! Jealous of how much you've gotten done!! I'm lucky to get one LO a week done...think it will take me 10 years to ever get caught up!! LOL Love the puppy one and the Rock on one. That rock on paper is beautiful and the whole theme is really sweet! Great job on the clock too, hope someone can tell you how to fix it. Smile

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Great pages! Love the clock too! That's one cute lil pup. Biggrin

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Oooh, I really like the Rock On page, too! That's beautiful paper.

But the giddy up page is really sweet. Smile Ugh, I've got a million beach pictures to scrap! Maybe this will inspire me...

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you couldn't have chosen better papers and elements to match your photos in all the layouts. It's too hard to pick a fave of this group, but the last one really stands out to me.
As for the clock it looks great! I wish I could help on how to get the hands to work??

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terrific pages! I am LOVING the first one! Biggrin As for the clock, mine did that too...I had to re-open it all and bend the hand up a little so it went over the other hands. Seemed to work for me. Hope you can fix it Smile

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must feel good to have so many pages done! they look great. Smile the first one is my favorite, but I really like them all. and the clock came out cool! good luck fixing the minute hand, I'm no help there.