5 pages in 2 days!!!

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5 pages in 2 days!!!


It's been a while, but I am getting back into scrapping. I got paid for my second job (online TA for a college) and spent $30ish bucks on digi scrapbooking stuff. Smile So, I caught up on my Project 365 pages first and then got one more page done.

I missed week 34 and 35 so I went back to do them

Then I did weeks 40 and 41

and one more!

Scout's caught mommy's shutterbug. Wink

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of them!!! I realy enjoy looking at all your 365 pics Carrie. The one of your mask, cute. LOL The one of the two of them under covers, so like my house. All THREE of my kiddos love to play under blankets. LOL. And I LOVE the pics Scout took...great LO. TFS

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Aww, you have some adorable photos!!!

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these are great! i especially love the colors on the second one. That last LO of scout's pics is SO cute! She is taking after mommy Smile

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I can't believe that you are still going with the project 365! What work that must be but how awesome to have pics of the entire year!!! Love the pages. So are you very ready for January 1st???

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