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6 LOs

Hey ladies! Randy was still sick on Sunday (they both had the stomach bug, but it last for 5-6 days!) so I took the day to scrap. Sundays are usually super busy b/c of church, and I missed it, but I did enjoy scrapping! I will post the other one in a different thread later this week. I don't have the net at home to be inspired, so I pulled out a scrapbooking book that had like 500 different LOs. It was my aunts, and I was so thankful for it, b/c I was not feeling creative. TFS!

I actually made 7 LOs, and I thought I took pics of all 7, but I only took pics of 6.....

Tags on the pics say "Ruthie 2006" (top) and "Randy 2009" (bottom)
Journaling on this one says, - "When I first saw you Randy, I thought you looked just like your big sister Ruthie. Even at 2 months, I thought you still looked alike. Now, you are two different people and you two are my everything."

This one, I was inspired by a white paper, that just used a small amount of color on the background, and the titles were color. I am not thrilled with this one, but it works.
The tabs on the pics say "learning to sit" and "5 months"

I am happy with this one!

This one says "the love between you two is amazing."

Does this one look stupid with the "o's" being white? I ran out of black o's and I was too lazy to cut it out on the Cricut. So, I just used the sticky middle part of the "o"....

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Sadie, I think all of these look GREAT! Randy and Ruthie really do look alike in that top picture! So cute.

And the "o's" in the last LO - I just thought you were really creative...seriously. Smile Great job!

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these are so good! I agree the o's look just fine and I thought you did it on purpose too Smile The mixed emotions one especially made me smile. i love it Biggrin

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Great job for getting so much done. I LOVE mixed emotions, it made me laugh!

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They all look great! I really love the first one! And the o's look neat!!!

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six layouts?! whoa!!!! you've been busy! I love these! the first is my favorite, because that is just so neat to see them together like that. Mixed Emotions is adorable, just such a clever layout. And all of the pages are just really sweet. I really like how you did the os on the last one, that was smart thinking!

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Wow, you have been busy!
1. Gotta lift this!! The sepia photos look so good with your paper choice and the twine! they DID look a lot alike. wow
2. You are rocking ACY! I didn't even realize that cut was in there until I saw this layout. So cute.
3. sure makes me smile! Great layout to capture all his emotions.
4. Love the ribbon detail with the buttons
5. Really love the heart with the angel wings. Is that a stamp?
6. My fave of the bunch. The o's look great...and love how you tucked the corners into the paper.

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Good for you to have time to do all those. I bet you love scrapping Randall eh? He's so cute. Love them all, but that mixed emotions one definitely made me smile. Great work and TFS

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Thanks ladies! I appreciate all the sweet comments! Yes! I am loving scrapping him, just wish I had more boyish paper (too much girly stuff)!

"MommyCB" wrote:

You are rocking ACY! I didn't even realize that cut was in there until I saw this layout. So cute.

5. Really love the heart with the angel wings. Is that a stamp?

Thanks Charys! I love ACY! Probably my fav out of all the ones I have!

The heart with wings is a rub on I bought years ago. I bought two of them and used one a long time ago on a LO of Randall and I. I thought it worked well with this LO too!