6 month LO

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6 month LO

Wow I can't believe Noah is 6 months here is the layout I did for him it took me almost all day before I found something I liked

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I love that, that is so adorable!! Smile

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That's adorable, Melissa! I can't believe he's 6 months already. The green paper really compliments the pictures.

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Noah is a little heartbreaker! I love all the little pics of him on here. One of these days I'm going to see if I can do those film rolls on pp, because I love the effect.

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Nice job! I love all the filmstrip pics!

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aww! I love film strips on layouts! very nice!

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He really is such a cutie pie and the lo is perfect. I need to do one like that.

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Love, love, love the green and the square! How cute! He's pretty handsome too! Wink

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I love the film strip, great job.

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I love the look of the film roll~great job

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very cute! love how you used the filmstrips.