6 month LOs

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6 month LOs

So back to scrapping some old pictures. These were part of her 6-month portraits.

Trina, this was my scraplift of the partial circles. Thanks for the link, but I can't use PSD files. I'm happy with how this turned out.

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Both are cute! I love the flowers on the 2nd one.

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Very cute. I also love the flowers on the second one too.

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Awww...cute, cute, and cute!

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Very cute! Has anybody told you yet that those are cute? I think that's the best word to describe them, though. Smile

I love how simple they are, but very delicate and pretty. The pictures really stand out in those LOs.

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Very cute and so is the cutie in the pic! Smile Love the soft look, which I am a sucker for pink Wink

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Those turned out great, the half circles really turned out well, and I love the buttons on the second one!

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Ah, where did our little bambinos go? Andrea was so small! These are cute! Smile

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aww, she's so sweet and little! I love these layouts, Stephanie, they're beautiful.

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Awww, both are so cute!

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awww i love all the pink!!

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very cute! love how the paper is blended!