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6 months ago... (XP)

6 months ago I was waiting to be told that I could get out of bed to go see my precious new baby in NICU. She was so tiny and fought for every breath that she took. I spent the whole day (and several weeks after) praying that she would grow strong and healthy. My prayers were answered! Just look at my sweetie pie now...





Scout has grown up so much in that time, too! She wasn't even walking when Dylan was born. Where does the time go?





As always, thanks for looking!

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What a beautiful little miracle! Biggrin

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Awww...I can't see photobucket pics, but I can imagine how precious they are! :bigarmhug: TFS!

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It's amazing, isn't it?!! :bigarmhug:

Great pictures of the babes! TFS! Smile

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you have such beautiful children!!! i love the first now pic of Dylan!!

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So amazing how fast they grow. Your kids are beautiful.

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Ah, such sweet memories! thank you for sharing them with us!

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What a beautiful post...and I agree, your girls are DARLING!

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you cant even tell now that she fought so hard for her precious little life!! man they grow up fast!!