6 months later....

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6 months later....

.... and I'm still in a scrapbooking rut!! Unbelievable!!! I've only done one page (a 2-page layout) since I found out I was pregnant! I would have thought that I would have returned to scrapbooking by now, especially since during the summer i had 2 whole days a week to myself! I don't know how much more scrapping I'll do... but maybe by lurking on here more often will spike my interest again... in the meantime, I'm going to focus on taking better pictures and getting a digital program to enhance them....

Anyways... just thought I'd say that i haven't totally disappeared... just *somewhat*... i still do come to this board at times, but not as frequently as I used to....

I do miss you ladies!! Smile

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have fun learning the photography side of things! I'm going to follow suit around Christmas:D

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Oh I hope you get out of your rut, you're gonna have lots to scrapbook when #2 comes along! Ruts suck! LOL

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I am right there with you, unless I go to a crop. I get nothing done at home, during the day I am to busy with my 11.5 month old and at night I am just too tired. But every other month I try to go to a scrapmania session at our local Archivers and I get about 4, 2 page layouts done from 5-11. They feed you dinner, and snacks, have door prizes, and it is a great social time for me also. Maybe you could try that. Good Luck!!!

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Hope your mojo returns! But pregnancy will make you so tired, I don't blame you.

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I could have written your post myself! I hope both of our mojo's come back soon!

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Oh we all have been there and understand how things go. It is nice you stopped by. I hope you get some "mojo" back for scrapping.