9 month old LO

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9 month old LO

Thanks for looking! Blum 3

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I LOVE the title I have to copy that and do it on paper!

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What a handsome little man! And I couldn't believe it, because I think we took Kayson's 9 month pics in the same shirt! I've got to run some errands right now, but when I get back I'm going to try and find those pics. Smile The title is great!

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HeeHee! I just finished a layout using that kit! Wink

Great page!

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That title is GREAT!! What a neat way to do it. I too think I'll try that sometime. Love the pic of him and your journaling too. TFS

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Love the title, I will also have to try to copy that on paper someday. Love the LO overall and that photo is adorable.

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Perfect page! Love how you did the picture with the thin frame. Love it!

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Great page! I really wish I would have done these monthly highlights.

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Great title work, and I love how you listed the milestones! Although Kaitlyn is 13 months and she's just figuring out the sippy cup - and couldn't army crawl until she was 11 months.

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First off- LOVE the way you did the '9 months'! Second- I love how you added a pic of one of the journaling! He's too cute!

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Love the tied tags for the title. I like those kind of subdued colors with the brown. Nice job!

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awww!! too cute! love the photo!

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that's a great layout! love the list of things he's doing. (you have "love" a couple of times where it should be "loves" - thought I'd mention it before you had it printed)

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that is a hillarioulsy cute pic! I love the ribbons with the title!

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I really like the colors that you used and the way you did the title.

Very cute pic too!

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Very cool! Love the title and his "Superman" pose.

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