9-Month Portraits pages

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9-Month Portraits pages

These first two will look familiar because they are my quickpages (still free on my blog if you want them). The second two are with the same kit. These area all Andrea's 9-Month Portraits in 2007 Smile

Can I just say that I love making quickpages. I generally love the outcome much more than if I had tried to scrap around the pictures.

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I love these Biggrin And those photos are too cute!

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aaah, look at little Andrea! Time went too fast for our bambinos. Sniff. The layouts are all so soft and sweet. I love them!

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seeing those little piggy tails makes me SOOOO happy that im actually having a girl!! Biggrin before i found out she was a girl, i kept telling DH "i want pink and piggy tails!!" ROFL the pages are amazing as always. i really love the colors.

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Those are beautiful!! Some of my favorites of yours! Very pretty colors. Biggrin

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Stephanie, these look great! It's like the QPs are MADE for these pictures with the colors. Smile You did a great job! Keep making QPs, I'm digging them. Smile

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So nice!!!! Andrea is sooo CUTE!

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I do remember those first two, but not the last two. I love them all. Love the shoelaces on the third one, and everything about that last one. And I too remember when Andrea was this size like it was yesterday. Sniff