9 months

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9 months

So I've stopped downloading and started putting some things together. Looking though the pictures on our computer and there are soooo many pages I want to make! This one is going to start a book that I am making for Scout.

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LOVING the baby bump. The page is adorable! Great job! TFS! Biggrin

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That is great. I'm so glad you paused on your downloading to make something. It is great. I love the papers you used.

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Nice page!!! what a cute bump!!

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Nice page!!!!

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Awwww, look at the wittle baby bump! Too cute! Love the page.

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Great page! I love preggo bellies! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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I love it! Great page Biggrin

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Tooo cute!

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Thats a great page!! Good Job!

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Very nice!!!

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Thanks everyone! I am kind of disappointed that I didn't have a belly pic right before she was born, but she surprised us by coming at 37w 5d. I tried to take one every 2 weeks towards the end and was scheduled to take one at 38.

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This page looks great. I like the colors and the whole LO. You look great by the way!

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I love it!