AAAhhhhh Need to Vent

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AAAhhhhh Need to Vent

I really need to vent. I could be just a horrible friend but I'm going to go flippin insane! I have a friend J who I've known through High School. We try to go out once a month but during spring we are both really busy that it's every couple of months. So we planned to go out on Saturday night and we've been going back and forth about what movie to see and we said matinee. Well the other day she was fine with a 4ish matinee and dinner afterward well now she doesn't want to be out too late. WTF! I told her I already had plans for the afternoon to scrapbook help a friend with stuff for her wedding. And we all know you can't rush scrapbook creativity. So I planned that we'd be done by 3 and I'd be ready to go to the movie by 330. Maybe my idea of out too late is 10 or 11. We planned it specifically for this weekend because her son is with his father for visitation. Her on again off again BF is on again. So now she wants to change the time around. It just irks me that now because he's in town and has nothing to do that she wants to change the time after I told her I had afternoon plans.

Okay I'm done venting!

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Vent away! I totally get why this is annoying to you. Just let her know that you simply cannot be available any earlier and that you hope she can keep her plans with you because you were really looking forward to hanging out with her.

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that's so frustrating!!!! and she should keep her plans with you. grrrrrrrrrrr

I have a friend who ALWAYS backs out of our plans, so I only end up seeing her once a year. in fact, we're supposed to have lunch next Thursday, so I might be writing a similar post here on Thursday morning. ha ha ha but not really so funny.

I'm sorry that she's being a pain. but really, a 4pm movie and dinner afterwards will not keep you guys out late at all.

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Ugh, I hate when stuff like that happens. I'm always getting cancelled on, it drives me crazy. I hope you're still able to get together, but if not, atleast you can scrapbook some more! Biggrin