? about printing pics

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? about printing pics

I saw a commerical a while back that was promoting free prints if you sign up. Does anyone know what site it was? I can't remember for the life of me.

Or, does anyone know of anywhere I can sign up and get free prints. I am on Shutterfly, Snapfish, and ArtCow (or whatever it's called.) Can you think of any others? Thanks ladies!

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Walmart and Costco will sometimes do 50 free prints or something like that when you sign up.

And CVS is running a promotion, but you have to have a care card number


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Was it Seehere.com? They were offering 100 free prints with the code prints up until August 31st. I ordered from them and they were actually very nice pics! The shipping I *think* was $5.19?!?


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www.winkflash.com was my favorite mail order site ... then I got hooked on the instant gratification of Costco.

just google "winkflash free prints" and you'll get some coupon codes.

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clarks is one too.....

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If you're willing to wait a bit for shipping, it comes from Hong Kong, the price and quality of Arts Cow can not be beat!!