AC Moore Cricut Carts

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AC Moore Cricut Carts


My MIL went to AC Moore today to buy me some carts for Christmas since they were on sale. She got me the Christmas Cheer one and it rang up $20. It should have been 39.99. So if that was on your list, you should go get it!. Wink She then tried to see if she could get more for $20 and no others rang up at 20. Noone at the store knew why it rang up that way, but it did.

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You are so lucky! I have been wanting that cart forever but alas, there is no AC Moore near me. I wonder if there are any in Minnesota.

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Awesome find! Joann's had Christmas Cheer online for only $9.99 awhile back. I missed out on it which I was actually glad anyway since I had JUST gotten it from E-bay and it wasn't that cheap.

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Wow - good deal! There aren't any AC Moore's by me either.

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thats a steal! nice job! i might have to check that out at my AC Moore!

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Went and got mine today for $20 Smile thanks for the tip

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"Breen31806" wrote:

Went and got mine today for $20 Smile thanks for the tip

I so happy that someone else could get one to. Unfortunately for me, I don't really get mine until Christmas!