Acrylic stamp cleaning question

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Acrylic stamp cleaning question

I've been meaning to ask for weeks but I keep forgetting.

For thos of you who do any sort of stamping but especially with acryllic stamps, what do you do to clean them? Mine always end up read or blue or sort of that funky green color if I'm just using black ink.

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I have used baby wipes to clean stamps before. They work really well f done right after you are finished with the stamp.

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I use baby wipes for all of my stamps. They keep them really nice and new looking.

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Another vote for baby wipes.

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I haven't tried to baby wipes, but I keep a plate w/ a wet paper towel w/ me when I stamp so when I'm done I stamp it till the ink comes off.

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Baby wipes, or soap & water.

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baby wipes here too Wink I bought some "fancy" stamp cleaning stuff, but they suck.

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Baby wipes, soap and water or I just stamp 'em a bunch of times on scrap paper. The staining comes with use. Doesn't affect the quality of my stamped image, so I don't let myself go crazy over it staining, just clean it enough to not bleed if I use another color next time.

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I guess me posting this is redundant, but BABY WIPES. Wink best cleaner!

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I only have a purple ink pad so I guess I don't care about mine getting stained too much lol