Acrylic stamp question

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Acrylic stamp question

I just got my first set of acrylic stamps (I normally use rubber on wood). I thought I read somewhere that you are supposed to condition them somehow before the first use? I can't find it now though. When I tried to use them the ink kinda pooled on the stamp and it looked all splotchy and horrible.
Any tips?

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Someone on here told me to rub them with an eraser. It seemed to help the ink hold.

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Weird! I have never done anything special to mine.

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I've only had one acrylic stamp do that and I used the eraser on it, and it worked perfectly ever since. But usually I don't have to do anything. Did you use an acrylic block to mount the stamp on?

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Yup, I bought a set of acrylic blocks to use with them. (I just bought another set of stamps today too.)
I'll try the eraser and see if that helps. i think that was actually the tip the I read. Thanks!