Adhesives for U/S pics

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Adhesives for U/S pics

Hi, I just stumbled upon this board and was wondering what is the best adhesive to use for the ultrasound pics?? The paper seems thermal and there is a note at my doctor's office not to laminate them. I was also thinking of just scanning them and using the ones I print on regular photo paper for the scrapbook?

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Don't use u/s paper in a scrapbook. Scan it and either print it yourself or have it printed at a photo lab. Ultrasounds fade over time, and I'm not convinced the thermal paper is safe for the rest of the scrapbook.

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yes ultrasound pics will definitely fade....

if you want to keep them for any significant amount of time then i suggest doing what pp says

you definitely don't want to lose those.

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THANKS!! I was going to put them in one of the small Creative Memories books and then print out some for my larger book, but when I touched the paper, it felt like that old-fashioned fax paper that fades or turns black. Not due until August but I've had 3 ultrasounds already so I want to start scrapping - I've left it alone for a while and want to get back in the swing of it.