Adoption Update

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Adoption Update

Hi all! Gwen sent me a message on FB saying I should come update on here when I had a chance. This is going to be my first stress free weekend in 8wks. Then the stress starts back up when new classes start Monday. I'm hoping to get Tia's challenge done this weekend.

If you are friends with me on FB then you pretty much know everything going on. For those that aren't here's the scoop.

On February 20something we were officially waiting. We turned in our profile book and she told us that we were waiting now that she had our book. We were so excited. So what does that mean... we could get the call next week, a month from now, 6mnths, 9mnths, 1 year or longer. We are praying for the shorter end of the time spectrum.

In the meantime, we are getting the nursery ready. We had already purchased our crib and changing table. Since the official waiting news we've bought the bedding set, and some gender neutral onesies from "The Whale of a Sale" and a ton of books from the same sale. My in-laws bought us the diaper stacker, blanket, and mobile that matches the bedding set, and bought us the pack n play that we wanted (that will be in our room for the first few months so I don't have to walk across the house). Let's just say Grandma and Grandpa are excited about a baby.

The room is coming along as well. Cart removed the ugly wire shelving in the closet, patched the holes, and we will paint this weekend. After we paint Grandpa and Cart will build the shelving for the closet and stain it to match the furniture. Then Cart will set up the crib, changing table. While they are doing all that I will be stripping, sanding and staining my old dresser. Yes I will be taking photos of the process and scrappin the pictures Smile

So that is my update. If you want to really keep up with my life check out my blog

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I am friends with you on FB, so I had seen what all was going on. I am happy for you guys and hope that your prayers will be answered sooner rather than later Kebrina.

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I am so happy for you.
I can't wait til you have even more amazing news and we all get to celebrate with you.


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Fingers are crossed that your wait is short.

Did you do anything fun with your profile book? Share nursery pictures after it's painted, I'd love to see!

So glad you did come back to update. Smile

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How absolutely devine to hear such good news! I really hope you get a call sooner rather than later as well! Love to see pics of the nursery, too! I must not have you on FB as this is the first time I've seen this update. If you want to add me on your FB, p.m. me. Smile

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I really hope the wait is not too long!!! Glad you came to update us.