Advice on gift for my mom (Grandma layout)

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Advice on gift for my mom (Grandma layout)

Well, I printed the layout of my Grandma for me in 8x8 and matted it on 12x12 paper for my book. But I want to print it as 12x12 for my mom and frame it for Christmas.

But she's not Mom's grandma, she's mine. So, I can do one of two things. I can change it to "Mom at 90" or "Lillian at 90" for my mom's copy.

Which should I do? It's not like my mom ever called her mom Lillian, but I think that would just look so nice.

Here's the layout as a refresher:



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I would go with Lillian at 90. I think with the cursive script, it would look so nice. It's a page about her, so I think they would understand.

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Lillian would look beautiful.

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I agree. I think Lillian is definitely the way to go.

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thanks, girls, I totally agree. I just wanted a sounding board before I went forward with "Lillian". Smile I hope my mom loves it!

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I love the name Lillian! I think that would be just precious! Biggrin Let us know how she likes it!

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Lillian will look really nice. She will love that.

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I agree! Lillian!