Advice for someone just starting out please

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Advice for someone just starting out please

I've been planning on doing a scrapbook for Halle and make the one I started for Luc pretty. I got an album kit and some stuff off my sister for last christmas :rolleyes: and I just got a bag full of stuff for £10 as a bargain, its got letters and beads and some paper and all sorts of cute stuff in:D.

So as I'm newly inspired, my question is where do I being? If I wanted to do a pretty album, what basics/essentials do I need. I've seen some rubber stamping stuff that looks cute? What do you stick stuff down with.

I need really basic advice. Should I get some fancy scissors? What glue do you use, is there a book you'd recommend, stuff like that.

Advice gratefully received.


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Welcome Kez!!! It doesn seem very daunting at first, I know. Smile There are some stickies here with GREAT resources. But I started just like you. Someone got me a kit for Christmas. I just went with my gut and made my pages. I used stick glue back then. Smile Then I joined this board and learned soooo much just by reading what others did and all the various posts. Now I use a xyron machine to stick things down, as well as photo squares, and glue pens. IT all depends on what it is I am sticking. All you really need is glue, scissors, pictures and paper. You can do great work with just that, but everyone is different in what they like extra. There is the Cricut that cuts designs for you or you can buy so much from the stores. Stick around, you'll learn real quick. Smile GL and welcome again!

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Carrie said it my first trip to the craft store for my starter supplies I got a papertrimmer, my "tape" and tons of paper and some embellies for the first few pages I did.


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Ahh thanks ladies I must confess to lurking a little but its all so good its daunting. I think I'll go hobbycraft and get a few more its, print out some more pics and go for it.

Do not know what the machines are you mentioned, but ive seen picture dots? so I think I'll get some of those and some funky scissors and try a page. May post my 'art' when I've done for some advice.

Thanks again ladies.

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Welcome! Glad you're out of lurkdom Smile I heard this recently and thought it was great - start simply, just simply start. You need adhesive, something to cut with, photos and paper and you can scrapbook Smile Instead of a book try a magazine and see if you can copy (called scraplifting) something in the magazine, or to see what exactly you do with certain elements, etc, by seeing them on pages. Smile

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Welcome to the world of scrapbooking! It will totally suck you in and you will love every minute of it.

I would go to the store and make sure you have tape/glue and lots of paper.

the ladies have given you some great advise.

Also if you have the money I would so look into getting a cricut machine. I love mine and could not imagine doing paper any other way. Smile

HAVE FUN!! Can't wait to see what you create.

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The first and most important investment I think is a "must-have" for any paper scrapper is a paper cutter. You can find one under $20 and it's something I couldn't live without. After that, just start simple like they said and find what fits your style. You don't need a lot. Good luck! Smile Once you're hooked, it's hard to stop. Wink

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I didn't have much more than pens when I started. lol. You can scrap with pretty much anything if you are willing to put the time in. lol. But having little gadgets sure makes it go a lot smoother Smile My must haves now are my double sided scrap tape, nice pens, and lovely papers...I have a Cricut now and sometimes I still can't be bothered getting much more out than my one sheet of paper, one background for mattes, a pen and a pair of scissors. lol...all depends on my mood Smile

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My main thing besides a paper trimmer was books and mags full of ideas. Glad to see you join our board Smile

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you have some great suggestions above. again, a good paper cutter, good adhesive, and some ideas are all you need. I love the scrapbooking magazines for ideas. I usually see a page I like and then copy the parts I like the best when I create a page.

it's an evolving process. my pages today are totally different than my pages starting out. but I love all of my pages, because it's the capture of memories. so there's no wrong way to do it, as long as you're preserving the memories of your family.