after two months ... finally a LO!

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after two months ... finally a LO!

Hi girls! Sorry I've been MIA. I've been lurking, but always feel bad if I can only post on a few threads (I feel like I'm playing favorites or something). I'm still working three jobs, so quite often feel like I'm a chicken-with-my-head cut off and I don't get a whole lot of me time.

But I finally took some time to do a little scrapping tonight. I was inspired by some pictures I took of DD today. It took me forever to get back into the swing of things so I only got one page done.

Kit is Amanda Heimann's Magical Vacation

p.s. sorry Sadi, flickr won't upload tonight so I had to use photobucket.

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Very cute!

Love the green and purple together Smile

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Great job Beth!!! She is cuteness...that is too funny! Hope your life slows soon girl.

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That is great. I think that is one of my favorites of yours!

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lol how cute!!! Love the colors.

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Very cute... love the journaling!

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awesome! I love how the colors of the LO go with the dress. she is cuteness Smile

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I've missed you around here, but you sound so busy. Hope life settles a bit for you. I saw these photos on Facebook and thought they'd make the CUTEST layout. Smile And YEP they did!

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oh, that is totally cute!

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hehehe adorable!! and very true!!

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This is adorable! I also love the purple and green combo. She is too cute!

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I knew I recognized that kit! lol Love it, and I'm totally stealing your title Smile I didn't realize you were working 3 jobs, that really bites!

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Very cute! I love how the colors match her jumper so well!